Hard work bears sweet fruit and hard work is what built Rishank Devadiga. At his Santacruz home, a young Devadiga dreamed of becoming a star in the field of Kabaddi – the dream he is living at present. He identified his physical strength at the tender age of six, when most of us fail to decide upon either to go for pastry or a lollipop. Focused and unperturbed of the uncertainties that his chosen career comes with, our Yoddha put in 200 per cent when asked for 100 per cent.

Devadiga lost one of his pillars of support, his father, early. However, his mother and sister left no stone unturned to help Devadiga turn his dreams into reality. Mother Devadiga worked at a beauty parlour to help the finances.

Despite all the odds, Devadiga struck a fine balance between Kabaddi and studies. He completed high school in Chetana Hazarimal Somany College. He knew he had to take up responsibilities. Devadiga joined Leela hotel but did not part from the game he loves. Again, juggling both successfully, the real-life Yoddha fought his way through to the Maharashtra State Team.

His stellar show in the domestic circuit made it certain he was a part of Pro Kabaddi League since its inception. He did not disappoint his fans, becoming one of the most consistent performers the league has ever seen. After his successful stint with U Mumba, Devadiga joined UP Yoddha in 2017, and emerged as one of the prime contributors behind the team’s journey to the play-offs. As PKL 2018 approaches, the Yoddha awakens the fighter within, to deliver yet another brilliant string of raids and make us, and his fans, proud.