The highest winning score of 88, highest Dream Run points earned of 26 points, and highest winning margin of 67 points is what headlined Telugu Yoddhas smashing victory over second-placed Gujarat Giants in the inaugural season of Ultimate Kho-Kho League today. To add to this glorious record streak was Telugu Yoddhas sealing their playoffs spot in true warrior style as they returned with breaking their own previous record to earn their fifth win of 88-21 in the season against Gujarat Giants at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune. Attacker Prajwal K H won the ‘Best Attacker’ award while Pratik Waikar earned the ‘Best Defender’ award from this match. Avdhut Patil for his record-breaking historical 16-pointer Dream Run won the ‘Ultimate Kho of the Match’ award.

Telugu Yoddhas will now face table toppers Odisha Juggernauts on 31st August, 2022 (Wednesday). The Match will broadcast LIVE & Exclusive on Sony Sports Network and LIVE streamed on Sony LIV platform 8:45 PM onwards.

Telugu Yoddhas had khoed-off the game today with a different plan. Their approach and hunger for a win were evident from the very first minute as Turn 1 of the game was loaded with 3-pointers through 6 Sky Dives and 1 Pole Dive. Telugu Yoddhas who were on the attacking best tonight wrapped up Turn 1 with a giant 37-point lead over Gujarat Giants as the scoreboard read 37-0. The icing on the cake was Telugu Yoddhas inflicting an all-out on Gujarat Giants in Turn 1.

Turn 2 where Telugu Yoddhas were defending, saw them creating history earning 16 Dream Run points through Avdhut Patil and Pratik Waikar. In total Telugu Yoddhas only gave away 8 points to Gujarat Giants as they ended Turn 2 with the scoreboard reading 53-8 to their favour.

In Turn 3 Gujarat Giants tried challenging Telugu Yoddhas with a 4 pointer Dream Run in a power play but that wasn’t enough to chase down the score. Turn 3 saw Telugu Yoddhas attackers earn 25 points while just giving away 4 points as the scorecard read 78-12 to their favor.

Turn 4 saw Telugu Yoddhas seal the game in style with an 8-pointer Dream Run followed by a 2-pointer Dream Run. These were the highest Dream Run points ever earned by any team in the inaugural season of Ultimate Kho-Kho League so far while giving away just 9 more points. The game came to an end with Telugu Yoddhas creating history defeating Gujarat Giants 88-21.