New Delhi, 12th August, 2022: The Telugu Yoddhas, GMR Sports’ franchise for the inaugural Ultimate Kho Kho (UKK) League, have unveiled their new jersey today. After successfully launching their logo which represents their warrior spirit of Guts & Glory, the team has followed it up with similar hues in the newly launched jersey.

The Jersey is a bold mix of Blue and Gold with a dash of red in between representing courage, accuracy, and speed. The blue color represents faith and confidence, while the Gold colour which has been boldly used on the jersey representing southern India where gold is considered to be very auspicious and lucky. The blue and gold on the jersey has been beautifully complimented with the dash of red colour representing courage and bravery. Sharing his thought on this occasion, Sujoy Ganguly, Head Business Development & Marketing, GMR Sports League said, “After launching the logo, the jersey drop was the next big thing we were looking forward to and I am happy to launch our new jersey.

What makes it all the more exciting that we have been able to beautifully transcend our logos ethos and colour schemes on our Telugu Yoddhas jersey. The new jersey not only now looks vibrant and young but also sends a specific message about our intent as a team to our competition at the inaugural Ultimate Kho Kho.

Telugu Yoddhas will be seen wearing a jersey of courage, confidence, accuracy and the spirit of sportsmanship with utmost discipline and I am confident that upcoming season will see us charting new territories of success in Kho Kho.” 6 different franchises will fight for the highest honor in the very first season of UKK which will be hosted at the Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune from 14th August – 04 September.

All the matches will be broadcast LIVE & Exclusive on the Sony Sports Network between 7-10 PM on all game days. All matches will also be LIVE STREAMED on the SonyLIV platform. Telugu Yoddhas will start their campaign against their neighboring state, Chennai Quick Guns on the inaugural day.