Telugu Yoddhas, the GMR Group-owned team, went down 24-41 to Gujarat Giants in their fourth game of the Ultimate Kho-Kho Season 2. The match number ten of the ongoing season between Telugu Yoddhas and Gujarat Giants was played at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Cuttack. For the Yoddhas, Arun Gunki was the top scorer, earning a maximum of eight points, followed by his teammate Milind Chavrekar, who made four points in the game tonight.

Telugu Yoddhas will next play against Odisha Juggernauts on December 31, 2023. The game will be telecast LIVE and exclusively on the Sony Sports Network and can be streamed LIVE on the SonyLIV platform from 7:30 PM onwards.

After winning the toss, Gujarat Giants decided to defend first in Turn 1. The Yoddhas' all-rounder Dhruv drew first blood with a brilliant Sky Dive, eliminating the opponent captain. However, the first Batch of Gujarat completed a Dream Run, continuously running past the Yoddhas' attackers for three minutes. After that, Telugu Yoddhas' star all-rounder, Arun Gunki, took charge and quickly eliminated his opponent's defenders with the help of sky and pole dives. The Yoddhas ended the first Turn with the scorecard reading 14-2 in their favour.

The Turn 2 saw Telugu Yoddhas taking the mat as the defensive side, and the Giants quickly eliminated the first Batch. However, in the other two batches, the Yoddhas' defenders showcased their acrobatic skills, trying to spend as much time as possible by preventing Gujarat attackers from eliminating them. The majority of the points earned in this Turn were through touching points. Telugu Yoddhas managed to save their last Batch from getting eliminated by the end of Turn 2, with the scorecard reading 14-18 in favour of the Giants.

The second innings kicked off with Turn 3, where Telugu Yoddhas again took the mat as the attacking side. The Yoddhas had the task of setting the target for their opponents by earning the maximum points in this Turn. However, the Giants' defenders capitalized on the momentum they gained and completed their Dream Run, earning 3 points, while the Yoddhas secured 10 points by the end of Turn 3, and the scorecard read 24-21 to the latter favour.

The final Turn of the game, Turn 4, began with the Yoddhas aiming to defend the target they had set for their opponents. It seemed easy for the Giants' attacker to surpass the 3-point lead as they kept the Yoddhas' defender away from them. Telugu Yoddhas conceded points at regular intervals and ultimately went down 24-47 to Gujarat Giants.