U.P. Yoddha got their second win of the season as they beat Bengaluru Bulls 35-33 in Ahmedabad on Monday. In the second match of the day, Yoddha took on the Bulls at the EKA Arena. Despite an aggressive start, the Bulls were tamed by Yoddha’s impressive performance, levelling the first half 15-all and eventually winning the match by two points.

Monu’s raid started the match, while Shrikant’s toe touch earned us our first point. Pawan not only fetched the Bulls points as a raider but was a successful cover defender as well. Monu, Amit and Sumit earned us two crucial points with a super tackle on Rohit Kumar, while Monu followed up with a 2-point raid.

With Monu’s work, the team found confidence and pulled off yet another impressive tackle soon after, holding back Rohit in his do-or-die raid. The Bulls were tackled in their next do-or-die raid, as Sumit kept Mohit Sehrawat from scoring.

With a running hand-touch, Monu got rid of Bulls’ most crucial defender, Mahender. Soon, Bulls were reduced to only two players on the mat. With over three minutes remaining in the match, Yoddha inflicted an all-out over the Bulls.

Yoddha yet again tackled Pawan, with a brilliant thigh hold by Amit, right before the end of the half. With another successful tackle to down Bulls skipper Rohit Kumar, Yoddha drew level. The teams headed for the break sharing 15 points each.

Bulls took the lead as the next half started, with a successful raid and a tackle. Shrikant’s bonus helped us get our first points in the half, but it was Mohsen’s two-point raid that gave Yoddha a confidence booster. Further, in the half, Pawan was tackled by a strong double thigh-hold by Sumit.

Eventually, Bulls approached to their second all-out as our defenders and raiders kept on striking consistently. With a double ankle-hold, Shrikant tackled Rohit Kumar to inflict another all-out on the Bulls. With over nine minutes left, we led 27-21.

Bulls had a little fight left in them as they reduced the deficit to four points with four minutes left in the match. Though Shrikant got tackled, skipper Nitesh did not let Rohit score during his raid, tackling him despite his dubki, helping us maintain the lead.

Bulls buckled up, as Sumit Singh got Amit out with a running hand-touch. But Sumit came to the rescue yet again, pulling a brilliant, single-handed tackle to remove Pawan from the mat. With a successful final raid by Shrikant, Yoddha registered their second victory, this time with a two-point difference.

Sumit registered a high-five and was the best defender of the night. Both Shrikant and Monu were effective in their raids, fetching nine and eight points respectively.

Yoddha will next face Haryana Steelers at the same venue on Wednesday.