The Dubai Capitals VAY Sports Cricket Academy, nestled in Jebel Ali, Dubai, is dedicated to shaping the future cricket stars by offering comprehensive training facilities. Our academy is designed to provide world-class coaching at the grassroots level, catering to passionate young cricketers aspiring to excel in the sport.

With a capacity to train and accommodate a substantial number of players, our academy features cutting-edge infrastructure and amenities, providing a tailored nutritional plan developed by experts to ensure the holistic development necessary for competitive cricket, making it the ultimate destination for cricket enthusiasts in Dubai.

Strategically located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, the academy offers convenient access from across the city and is surrounded by well-developed infrastructure, including educational institutions, hospitals, and hotels.

The Dubai Capitals VAY Sports Cricket Academy provides an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring cricketers to combine their academic pursuits with top-tier cricket training, preparing them for success in both the sport and their personal development.